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Laser Therapy (LLLT) Case Study

Background: 38 year old male cricket player who tore his left hamstring while running.
Diagnosis: Grade 2+ Hamstring Tear
Normal Recovery Time (based on clinical findings): Approximately 6 weeks
Actual Recovery Time (with Laser Therapy): 2 ½ weeks (Patient pain-free and running again)

Grade 2 Hamstring Tear 5 Days After Injury

Patient is walking with a severe limp and is unable to go up and down stairs. Grade 2 Hamstring Tear Grade 2 Hamstring Tear


5 Days Later (After 1 x Session Laser Therapy)

Patient has decreased pain and walking is improving. Grade 2 Hamstring Tear


12 Days Later (3 x Sessions Laser Therapy)

Patient is walking with no pain and able to start jogging again. Grade 2 Hamstring Tear