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Success Stories

As a keen runner I was not happy being diagnosed with a torn hamstring and glute (gluteus maximus), which was literally a pain in the bum!  However, after three sessions with Sara at Phoenix Physio Clinic and a few simple stretching exercises I was running again within six weeks.  Thank you Sara, enjoyed our chats too!

Nicola R. (Runner)

I first attended Phoenix Physio Clinic and was treated by Hannah following problems at work with acute back pain.  I found the treatment was positive in every way possible and I would not hesitate in recommending anyone to follow the path I took to pain free back movement!

Tina B. (Health Care Worker)

I have recently been treated by Hannah for tennis elbow and have been delighted with the speed of recovery and pain relief following laser treatment.  I suffer with multiple sclerosis and developed the tendonitis from using my walking stick. Not only did the laser treatment help, but the tips and advice on exercises and how to walk more comfortably with my stick have been invaluable.  As Hannah has years of neurology experience, I trusted her implicitly and would recommend her to anyone with or without a neurological condition.  Thank you so much!

Ann W. (Nurse)

After being involved in a car accident, shunted from behind into a van in front at approximately 45 miles per hour, both my wife and I suffered quite bad whiplash injuries.  It was recommended to me that we contact Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic.  Without treatment, I know I would not have recovered as quickly!  After each session, I improved rapidly. I will now recommend the clinic to others who have any similar problems which I had.  Many thanks to Hannah.

Graham Q.

After suffering back and neck discomfort and pain after a car accident, the treatment I received at Phoenix Physio Clinic made a huge difference to my recovery and to my overall pain.  Hannah was very helpful and her knowledge of my condition was excellent.  She made me feel very relaxed and confident under her care.  I would recommend everyone to attend Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic, they were life savers!

Rose L.

My pain levels have nearly fully gone.  Hannah helped me when I really needed it! Excellent service.

Debbie C.

I came to Phoenix Physio Clinic with back problems and within five sessions Hannah had really helped me.  I was no longer experiencing back or neck pain!

Ashleigh O. (Student)

On a walking holiday in December 2011 I injured my knee.  I rested and stopped my exercise routines and over the next few weeks it improved and I was able to continue with most activities without too much discomfort.  However, I was not able to swim for any length of time, or walk and run the distances I had before the injury.  As I had a holiday booked to volcano walk in Sicily and the Aeolian islands, I decided to seek professional advice.  Sara from the Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic was recommended.  I received 5 treatments and could feel improvements after only three.  After 5 treatments, I was completely pain free!  My holiday was amazing!  I was able to climb Sromboli, volcano, and Mount Etna without difficulty or adverse effects.  Thank you Sara!

Kath E.

I cannot express enough thanks to Sara at Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic for her help in getting me through my hamstring injury.  I had been suffering with the injury for 6 months and after having tried what I thought was everything I decided to give the laser a go as I had nothing to lose.

With Sara's expert help and advice I have been able to recover from the injury and gradually work my way back to full range of movement in that leg.  I can't stress how important this is to me as I work as a fitness instructor.  I specialise in Yoga and Pilates so the inability to stretch effectively was hampering my work and I was in daily pain and discomfort. The treatment obviously works and I would recommend trying it and have already done so to any of my class members who are having problems.

Sara is very professional and knowledgeable and has a great bedside manner.  I would not hesitate in going back to her for treatment if I ever needed it in the future.

Tracey D (Pilates, Yoga and Fitness Instructor)

After breaking my tibia and cracking my fibula, I had to have an operation which involved plates and a screw, and was told I would be off a motorcross bike for up to 3 months.  After having the cast off after 3 weeks I visited Sara at Phoenix Physiotherapy Clinic for laser therapy treatment to speed up the recovery process.  After 8 weeks from the original injury, I was back on a motorcross bike doing what I enjoy, all thanks to Sara at Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic. Big thanks to Sara for getting me back on the bike and making the important race meeting I was hoping to do.

Dean H (Motorcross racer)

...I was distraught (with my running injury) and really wondered if this was to be the end of my running career and London Marathon training...Sara Jeffs at Phoenix Physio to the rescue!  Thanks to Sara and her experience, not only as a physiotherapist and laser therapist, but also her personal experience as a runner, weekly visits for physio, laser and massage meant that I was able to continue to run and train and my goal remained in sight...

...Thanks to Sara's continued encouragement, optimism and treatment, despite marked alterations and reductions to my training, I started and more importantly, finished the London marathon on April 22nd 2012...raising £3000 for the British Heart Foundation in the process...I can't thank Sara enough for her continued optimism, despite my negativity, that I would make it to the start, and the end of the race.  Without her treatment, I don't think I would have even been able to continue my training programme.  In addition, being a health professional myself, I appreciated Sara's knowledge and professionalism, and her experience as a therapist and a runner was clearly obvious to me.  On a professional level, I learned a lot from her during my treatment about the anatomy, physiology and pathology of running, which I have in turn been able to use in my daily work.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic to any other athletes, runners or sports people who need assistance.


Dr. C. Harrison (GP, runner and marathon finisher!)

I feel I have benefitted from the treatment, my neck and shoulder pain following the whiplash injury feel much better! The exercises have helped a lot and it has been a friendly service.  I like that I was able to ask questions, and was given an explanation about what was happening.

Ryan G.

It has been an excellent programme for whiplash problems with my shoulder and neck.  Hannah has done a great job in getting me back on the golf course!

Jonathan W. (Golfer)

I enjoyed coming to Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic for treatment and have been really satisfied.  I felt re-assured by the friendly approach.

Winifred G.

At Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic, I have had excellent treatment for my whiplash injury.  No one could treat me better!  I now feel 100% and would score them 11 out of 10!

Martin D. (Whiplash Injury)

Hi Sara.  We would really like to thank you so much for Taz's treatment.  The laser helped tremendously with bringing down the swelling and bruising following his operation and also helped to control the muscle spasms which meant he didn't need to rely on pain killers.  Taz's doctors are really pleased with his recovery and just 4 weeks later noticed that "his surgical wounds have healed up nicely...X-ray today is satisfactory, in fact it already shows that there is good healing across the fracture site".  Eight weeks after surgery, Taz was allowed full weight bearing and has been riding a bicycle to build up the muscle.  Just to clarify, Taz is 14 years old and is a GP125 Road Racer.  His diagnosis is fractured right femur through the end of the femoral plate, and he underwent Pedi nail insertion.

Thanks again, 

Cindy and Taz x

Taz Taylor (GP125 Road Racer)

Thank you oh great physio for miraculously healing my sprain,

My ankle has been swollen and in a lot of pain!

But last night when I attended Phoenix Physio and Laser Clinic

I had no idea of the difference it would make being zapped by a laser for several minutes.

However, I've done my research and am now aware how Thor laser is used today,

I can't believe its quality is Olympic! On teams GB, Australia and USA!

I got up this morning and am amazed how much better my ankle now seems,

It feels like I'm still asleep and this is just a dream!


Simon H.

FitBack and Bumps, run by Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic, was excellent.  It gave me a good understanding of my body and the changes it goes through during pregnancy.  The class really does cover everything you need to know to keep fit during pregnancy, from pelvic floor exercises to correcting posture and core stability.  As it's taken by fully qualified Physiotherapists, you know it's information you can trust and rely on too!!  And the exercises help you regain your figure after the birth!!!

I had previous trouble with bad posture and hip pain and I can honestly say this 4 week course has done miracles for my problems.  You get to take home an information pack which has all the exercises and stretches inside including pictures so you can keep up the exercises after you complete the course.

I would highly recommend this course to any pregnant woman as it's been a huge help for me.

Chloe A. (Ice Skating Instructor)

After hurting my shoulder and back I decided that I needed physiotherapy treatment.  I was recommended by a friend to go to Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic.  Sara qickly diagnosed the problem area and gave a full understanding of what was needed to do to help me.  After the first session, I regained more movement in my shoulder than I had in previous months before.  I was also given exercises and stretches to do out of the clinic that also helped.  After I have attended a few sessions and keeping up with my exercises I have full movement in my shoulder and no pain in either my shoulder or back.  I would like to thank Sara for the excellent advice and treatment that she has given me.  I fully recommend Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic.

Joe H. (Mechanic)
Mansfield Woodhouse

My 15 year old son recently injured his back playing in goal for his local youth football team.  I had no hesitation in taking him to see Sara at Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic as she had been so professional and helpful when he injured his knee whilst playing football last year.  In both instances the Laser Therapy and physiotherapy treatment were excellent and enabled my son to get back to full fitness and enjoy playing football and cricket again.  Sara has such a pleasant personality and professional manner that I have already recommended her to another parent, as her son was suffering from a sports-related back injury.  Thanks again!

Liz B.

I count myself very fortunate to have been persuaded to consult Sara at Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic.  At the time I was desperate for relief from upper back pain.

Having experienced little relief from previous physiotherapists I was skeptical.  However, Sara reassured me, after a thorough examination and history taking session, that she could achieve results.

Sara gives superb individual care and is the consummate professional but at the same time is a pleasure to be with.  Just one session with her convinces you she is very different to the rest.

After a comparatively short period of weekly sessions of hands on and Laser Therapy, I feel a new enthusiasm for life.  I no longer rely on medication for pain relief and look forward to returning to golf and bowls.

Lynn M. (Golfer and Bowler)

I was diagnosed with a Grade 2 Hamstring injury sustained while running.  After treatment using massage and Laser Therapy Sara had sorted it out for me in four visits.  It feels a lot better and I am now back to running again.  Thank you very much Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic.

Mick W. (Runner)

I have been going to Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic for treatment for whiplash and back pain after being involved in a road traffic accident.  I received two sessions per week to help me regain movement in my neck and reduce the pain in my back which stopped me from being able to train in my sport of figure skating.  I was given excellent treatment by Hannah, who was extremely friendly and patient and gave me a range of exercises to reduce the stiffness and tension in my neck, shoulders and back.  Along with this, I was given Laser Therapy treatment, which definitely helped improve the pain and speed up the recovery progress.

I have now had 5 laser treatment sessions and, along with the exercises, I have regained full movement in my neck and have no pain in my shoulders or back!  Although not regularly back, I am training again which I am really pleased about as I thought it would take me a lot longer because of the amount of pain and stiffness.  I would strongly recommend Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic to anyone and I will not hesitate in seeking treatment from Hannah in the future.

Thank you Hannah!

Sophie K. (Figure Skater)

After receiving a kick in a karate fight to my thigh and quads, I was unable to walk for two days and was referred to Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic by my Dad who had treatment in the past.  The problem was quickly diagnosed and I was assured that Laser Therapy would speed up my recovery as I had deep bruising (muscle contusion), causing me walking and flexibility trouble.  After 4 sessions over 3 1/2 weeks my leg was healed and the bruising quickly disappeared.  I was extremely happy as healing on its own with no therapy would have taken over six weeks and could have caused future problems.  Sara's knowledge and understanding of my injury and helpful advice assured me and I enjoyed understanding fully my condition and the treatment being given.  Thank you very much for the quick road to recovery!

Andy P. (Karate Athlete)

I would like to thank you for all the help and treatment that I have received regarding my shoulder injury.  The exercise and laser treatment has helped me to get more movement in my shoulder.  I have received excellent treatment from Hannah who is friendly and explains everything clearly, and has encouraged me to carry on with my exercises.  I would recommend Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic to my family, friends, and anyone with an injury.  Once again thank you for all your help and support.

Allison P. (Bus Driver)

I had patella tendonitis and the problem was sorted out within four sessions.  The experience was very quick and I found it very easy to get on with Sara.

Andy M. (Cricket Player)

Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic has been really helpful and professional in all of the weeks I have been.  The treatment I have received has been very rewarding.

Matt N. (Cricket player)

I have been going to Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic for treatment on my knee injury for the past two months.  I found the Laser treatment improved the pain relief very considerably.  Sara is very informative on individual's injuries and has a pleasant personality.  I can thoroughly recommend Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic.

Richard K.

I went to see Sara last summer regarding a back injury.  She assessed me and treated me using the clinic's amazing laser technology during the first consultation.  Sara did not push me into making another appointment where it was not necessary and told me to see how I was in a few days.  Sure enough one treatment session released the pain straight away and I have had no trouble since.  I would 100% recommend Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic due to the amazing experience, technology, and most of all their honesty.

Rob F. (Cricket player)

After 50 years of abuse, my back finally gave way earlier this year.  I went to my GP with severe lower back pain and he have me some painkillers and a few exercises to do.  After 3 months, the symptoms persisted and I was beginning to get desperate.  Then I saw an advert for Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic and thought I had nothing to lose so I went along to see Sara for an initial assessment.  She put me at ease straight away, soon identified the problem, and told me I would not need painkillers for much longer.  How right she was!  After a couple of treatment sessions, I was off them completely.  After further treatment, the back pain slowly subsided and although I have had a couple of setbacks, recovery is well under way now!  I would like to thank Sara so much for helping me get my life back to normal and would recommend anyone with back pain to pay her a visit.

Paul M. (retired fireman)
Mansfield Woodhouse

I am a 31 year old mother of three and have suffered with pain in my hip for the past 18 months.  My GP gave me pain killers at first, and then referred me for a hip X-ray which showed osteoarthritis in the hip.  He referred me to physiotherapy at my local hospital, and they advised me to rest my hip and to stop the exercises I had been doing.  My hip pain was interfering with every-day activities such as walking, bending, and going up stairs.  It was also waking me up every night.

I heard about Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic on my local radio station and decided to ring to see if there was anything that could be done to help.  When I first saw Sara she explained that although Laser Therapy was not a cure for arthritis, it could help to reduce the pain and inflammation in my hip, which could then help to increase my mobility.  I had my first laser session and slept like a baby that night!  After the third session, I felt fantastic and started going on my exercise bike with no increase in pain, and by the fifth and final session I had very little pain and was still sleeping through the night.

It has now been over three months since the treatment and I can't believe how good I feel.  I have now got my ife back and feel that it is the best money I have ever spent!  I would definitely recommend this fantastic treatment to anyone and everyone.  Thank you Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic.

Claire W. (Mother of 3)

Being stubborn by nature, I injured my shoulder and thoracic spine by overloading my back pack on a return journey from Japan.  In less than two weeks, I needed to be fit for a trekking holiday in Iceland.  For me the laser treatment given by Sara was an answer to my prayers.  The pain was reduced, mobility increased and in three weeks I was able to carry food and camping gear for an eight day trek.  On my return I had another two weeks to get fit for a climbing holiday.  With more treatment and some training I was able to climb at my standard of ten years ago which is an achievement at the age of 63!

Pam S. (Retired Teacher)

I went to see Sara concerning a bad hamstring injury that occurred while I was training for a half marathon.  The injury was too painful to touch so it was not possible to have sports massage.  Within two weeks and 3 sessions of laser treatment, the hamstring was suitable for sports massage.  I could begin to stretch comfortably and could walk without a problem.  I am looking forward to running again soon.  I believe this treatment speeded up my recovery compared to previous occurrences and I am very happy about the way I was treated.

Tim P. (Dog Trainer)
Mansfield Woodhouse

I am very satisfied with the treatment I have received from Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic for my shoulder injury.  It has been a friendly, personal service.  I was given a good explanation of the problem and plan of attack!  I have definitely seen an improvement!

Terry S.

I received treatment for whiplash injury after a car accident.  The treatment I have had has been brilliant and I have fully recovered.  I found Sara to be very helpful and have taken on board all advice given to me.  I would definitely recommend Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic.

Jono M. (Accountant, Whiplash Injury)
Forest Town

In May 2011 I fractured my elbow.  The blunt impact that caused the injury also produced a large joint effusion (swelling) and instant pain and restricted movement.  Confirming what I already knew, my orthopaedic consultant described the elbow as an "unforgiving joint".  He thought it was unlikely that I would regain full movement.

As a physiotherapist, I immediately determined to do whatever I could to optomise my recovery and that included researching the best forms of treatment and rehabilitation.  The demands of my job and my active lifestyle meant that settling for less than full range of movement and perfect function wasn't a pleasant option.

Laser Therapy (LLLT) is a treatment that I had little experience with until now.  However, the strong evidence backing its use for promoting healing in tissue and bone convinced me that it was worth trying.  I was able to have laser directly over the injured area from very early on as I was not wearing a cast.

Following my intitial laser treatments, there was noticeable improvement in the amount of swelling, stiffness and pain in my elbow.  After one week, a repeat X-ray showed positive signs of healing and the consultant was impressed with my freedom of movement so early on.

As I continued to build up strength and function in my elbow, I had laser to promote healing and bone remodelling and to reduce pain.  Not only do I know that laser significantly improved my pain levels, I also strongly believe that it accelerated healing, giving me the freedom to exercise and regain my range of movement.  I am happy to say that I have regained full and unrestricted movement and function in my elbow and forearm! 

Because of my first hand experience of the benefits of laser on my elbow injury, I would not only enthusiastically recommend it to others, but it also inspired me to carry out further training to be able to administer it myself when treating clients.

The treatment I have received from Sara has been fantastic and has been a key factor in achieving an excellent recovery.

Hannah O. (Senior Physiotherapist)

I am writing to say how delighted I am with the laser treatment given to me by Sara Jeffs at Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic.  In June 2011, I had a total left knee replacement operation, which was successful, and I was given a programme of exercises and walking by the hospital physiotherapists before I was discharged.  Unfortunately, there was little or no physiotherapy follow-up post-discharge, but I scrupulously carried out my exercises several times a day.

My recovery went well, but at about 10 weeks, I felt as if I had hit an imaginary brick wall, and was worried that my recovery was not progressing as quickly as I thought it should have been.  I was recommended to Sara by a friend who had laser treatment from her recently.  I must admit that I knew very little about laser therapy and was fairly skeptical about its efficacy.  Not any longer!  I went to see Sara, and found her to be extremely professional and approachable.  She carried out a full assessment and answered all my questions without making me feel that they were silly.  She knew what I was going to ask before I articulated some of my worries, and completely set my mind at rest.  Sara spent time telling me about the research behind the laser treatment, and the results which it achieves.

I have now had 5 laser therapy sessions, and am delighted with the results!

Before the treatment, the back of my knee was extremely tight, and I had problems walking for more than about fifteen minutes.  My walking is now much improved, both in distance and stability, and I am no longer worrying that the recovery is too slow.

I have already recommended Sara and Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic to several people, and will continue to do so at every opportunity as I am delighted with both the treatment and with the way in which she set me at ease.  I would have no hesitation in seeking treatment from Sara in the future.  She doesn't have a magic wand, but definitely has the next best thing--her laser!  

Glennis C.

At Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic, I have received excellent care, attention to my injury, and reassurance.

Russell B. (Referree)

In July 2011, I attended Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic due to a groin strain injury I received whilst playing cricket.  I found the treatment first class from initial contact, diagnosis and 4 laser sessions.  I was back playing cricket after two weeks, which in relation to the severity of the injury was excellent.  I would fully recommend Sara, Phoenix and laser treatment to any person for any similar injury.

Darren W. (Policeman and Cricket Player)

My name is Robert and I am a 50 year old male who has suffered with spinal problems since being a teenager.  In the last twenty years I have undergone four majory spinal procedures, which has resulted in having a significant length of spine fused together due to the degeneration of discs through the lumbar area.  Recently I began to suffer with further neck and back pains.  I saw an editorial feature in the Chad about Sara and Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic and decided to contact her.  It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made!  I highly recommend Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic to anyone who is experiencing joint and muscle problems like myself.  I feel like a new man, thanks to Sara.

Robert N.

I have found my experience at Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic to be very friendly, helpful, and re-assuring.  Sara listens to your problems.  Not only does the physiotherapy help, but also the conversation, which helps to alleviate anxiety.  I would highly recommend this clinic.

Glenis H.

I have received first class treatment for my injury and am feeling back to my best.  Thank you Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic.

Keith S. (golfer)

I went to Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic after a car accident in November 2010 which left me with whiplash injuries in my neck and back. The care and treatment that I received from Phoenix Physio was brilliant. I couldn’t have asked for better. With Sara’s help and care the pain gradually eased and my movement came back. I now have regained the movement that I had before the accident. I would recommend Phoenix Physio to anyone.

Amy W. (cafe manager)

Dear Sara, Thank you for your treatment on my back, I do feel it has helped a great deal. So far so good!! Having suffered for years from back problems, I contacted Phoenix Physiotherapy and Laser Clinic, and whilst they couldn’t cure the underlying cause, the relief I got from a physio and laser session was amazing. Thank you Phoenix.

Jack S. (golfer)

Over the last eight years I’ve experienced major surgery on both of my shoulders on four separate occasions, consisting of three decompression operations and a rotator cuff repair. I know a number of people whom following similar surgery did not recover full movement in their shoulders with varying degrees of restriction. Believe me, playing golf as much as I do, restricted shoulder movement is no fun and had it not been for Sara and her advice and professional expertise, I probably would not have played again. Some of my friends now say I’ve been fitted with two bionic shoulders, a far cry from what could have been.

When it first became apparent I had a severe shoulder problem, it was Sara that weaned me off painkillers and guided me to an excellent specialist that eventually led to total recovery. She relieved my pain in between operations and nurtured me back to good health when they were all over. I would have no hesitation whatever in recommending her to fellow sufferers, she’s a top class professional, totally dedicated to her work.

John J. (golfer)

I was referred to Sara Jeffs by my employer after several weeks of extreme lower back pain. Several doctors had seen me in the weeks prior to seeing Sara for the first time (one of which was an emergency doctor that I called out at 3am one morning) and all they could do was prescribe different pain killers, none of which seemed to help and they were unable to give me an explanation as to what the problem was. To give you some idea of the severity of my condition during that period, I actually took over 350 strong painkillers. I could not stand, sit or lie without horrendous pain. For any women reading this I actually said at the time that I'd rather have another 20 babies than have the pain I was experiencing.

Right from the initial assessment meeting Sara made me feel that I would eventually be ok. She explained through the use of a skeleton what was happening and I felt very relieved and re-assured to actually get a detailed explanation of why I was in so much pain (something Doctors never seem to be able to tell you). Over the months I met Sara (initially twice a week and later once a week) and she applied her excellent skills, changing the treatment depending on how I was each time. She also gave me exercises to do (which I still continue with as I found them very beneficial). As well as the actual treatment I also gained a much better understanding of how to sit (I am sitting at a desk all day), lie and kneel (the cause of my original injury). Sara demonstrated the best way to do these everyday things and explained in detail why doing them the way I had been doing them, was detrimental to my overall wellbeing.

I have taken on board Sara's recommendations and have had no further problems with my back. I felt that Sara and I built a very good relationship during my course of physiotherapy, something that I feel is very important when trusting your health problems to a professional and I would be very happy to recommend her to anyone who needs an excellent, understanding and thoughtful physiotherapist.

Margaret C. (office worker)